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Restore broken families for free

Restore broken families for free

We envision stable families where couples, parent(s) and children thrive.

South Africa has one of the highest divorce cases in world with 25 per cent of marriages breaking within the first decade. Family stability is the glue that sets the tone for the society that we live in (Family Law, 2017). Instability in families has led to divorce and separation among once happily married couples, child headed homes, fatherless homes, and high number of neglected children. All these are an indication of deeply seated issues within individuals that make-up the family. If emotionally unstable people result in emotionally unstable families, then how can we begin to develop stability within our society? The answer lies in finding solutions for families to be stable before they are formed, during the marriage, and support couples who are separated or divorced to maintain cordial relationships and bring up children in a stable environment.

Numerous early childhood development research shows that traumatic experiences in the first early childhood years create a lasting impression in a child’s life all the way through to their adulthood. It could be argued that traumas children face in broken homes has resulted to high gender-based violence and rape cases, high crime rates including murder, which have become a norm in South Africa.

Beginet offers a unique family-centered solution to purposefully address brokenness in families and marriages, financial education and debt management, social economic development in poor communities, and empowerment of women and girls to restore individuals and communities.

Our project model addresses the following social and economic issues within our society:

  1. Deep emotional wounds from childhood that may cause marriages to break
  2. Unstable families and poor support structure that may be caused by poverty and rural-urban migration
  3. High financial illiteracy among low-income earners
  4. Affordable support for family stability among middle and low-income earners

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Rev. Deon van der Berg and Miss. Charmaine Mahlagaume

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