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Let’s Reconcile Fundraising Project

Together, we can make a difference.

Let’s Reconcile is a Beginet project.

Our Vision: We envision stable families where couples, parent(s) and children thrive.

Our Mission:  To develop and disseminate quality family-centered education and support based on our Family Stability model through mainstream and social media to restore hope among disadvantaged and marginalized populations across South Africa.

The purpose of Let’s Reconcile project is to promote social cohesion and nation building through innovative media that educates South Africans on the benefits of unity, understanding of diverse races and cultures, and acknowledgement that we are one nation.

We achieve this goal through the following objectives:

Objective 1: Restore social cohesion among racial and ethnic groups through family-centered education across communities in South Africa

Objective 2: Increase knowledge, attitudes and perceptions among South Africans on acts of reconciliation through reality TV shows across the country

Objective 3: To impact the news ecosystem in an integral way through the Acts of Reconciliation Reality Show and to create a social media hype where citizens will start to do Acts of Reconciliation, post it and challenge others to do the same.

 Objective 4: Contribute to producing knowledge and data that will influence South African and International

Beginet proposes a *unique project to address underlying inequality, injustice and economic imbalance that the South African society continue to experience stemming from the apartheid regime. The project is more of a realistic and practical approach of portraying a picture of what a harmonious and united nation will look like when all races come together as one.

Our project is based on educate, understand and acknowledge model:

•             Beginet will educate the South African society by sharing information about people’s view of the effects of the apartheid regime, each other’s race, culture, and struggles to bring a certain level of understanding.

•             Beginet will help people have a clear understanding about each other’s worldviews which will lead to appreciation and respecting the other race’s struggles, challenges and life experiences.

•             Beginet will help people acknowledge past wrongdoings, misconceptions and assumptions that divided the nation and shaped our belief system and actions towards each other.

Our “Educate, Understand and Acknowledge” model can be applied to any situation in the home, school, workplace or public spaces where people need to embrace social cohesion. Through our project and social media unscripted videos, we will share stories of common South Africans who embody “Acts of Reconciliation” through their daily activities.

Why is the project needed?

Social cohesion is one of the most fundamental policy challenges facing South Africa today as communities are divided by deeply seated issues such as inequality, poverty, violence, gender conflicts, mistrust, among others. Social cohesion influences economic and social development and nurturing a more cohesive society as an important policy goal in itself for any country. Since its independence, and the end of apartheid two decades ago, and despite numerous government interventions, South Africa is yet to emerge as a socially cohesive nation.

Whom it will serve and what will be accomplished?

This project will serve every individual residing in South Africa and it will promote the values of Ubuntu (humanity) as entrenched in the South African Constitution. We believe that our project will instill South Africa’s national motto of values of Ubuntu that is based on the fundamental belief that “motho ke motho ba batho babangwe/umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu” which, literally translated, means a person can only be a person through others (Mbigi L. & Maree J.,1995). Acts of Reconciliation project will contribute to changing people’s mindsets and core inner believes upon which people base their view of different races and cultures in South Africa. We will be using practical tools for change, that will enable people to rapidly install new thought patterns and positive mindsets based on the knowledge and understanding of each other’s worldviews. This is all based on the values of Ubuntu our Africa heritage as enshrined the South African constitution.


The project budget is R1 597 500 (USD 110 000).

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The budget includes Professional services of a full video production crew, transportation, marketing, designing, professional journalist and Recherche’s.

  • NB. For more information regarding the Let’s Reconcile project itself and the budget, funders can contact Rev. Deon van der Berg on  deon@beginet.org or +27 12 111 0691.

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