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Beginet is a nonprofit organization run by a board of Directors. The board is very transparent about the receiving and spending of donations. The board makes sure that money is spent only for the project that it was donated.

Thank you very much for supporting Beginet now.

Our Projects

Nine years of a crippling drought in the northern Cape have meant financial ruin for many families. The drought has now taken away the ability of fathers to provide a quality education for their children. Let’s open our hearts to help children of the Northern Cape reach their full potential. Please help sponsor education.

The average School fees for one child is R17 500 for one year.

Participate in distributing innovative washable and hygienic sanitary pads to farm workers in Karoo and Boesmanland wife and daughters. These reusable sanitary towels can be used for up to two years. It is cost-effective, elegant, beautiful, and feminine. In addition, it is environmentally friendly and does not contribute to environmental waste.

For only R160 you can sponsor one girl for two years.

We are confronted with a colossal humanitarian crisis in the North Cape Karoo and Boesmanland. After nine years of a crippling drought, farmers came to an end of their ability to make plans to save their farms, care for their own family and workers and their families. Please make a donation to help farmers in need or if you want to get directly involved in a farming community, feel free to contact us for advice.

Sponsor one ton of quality silage or lucern for R2500, transport included.  

The purpose of the Let’s Reconcile SA is to promote social cohesion and national building. It is a process to educate everyone living in South Africans on the importance of understanding every person’s brokenness and pain, as well as the importance of forgiveness, unity and understanding of diverse races and culture and acknowledgement that we are one nation.

Make a contribution of R500 or more towards our Let’s Reconcile SA documentary  that we are preparing to film.

Beginet offers a single family-centered solution to deliberately tackle the breakdown in relationships, especially in families and marriages. We have a variety of relationship workshops that we present free of charge in communities.

Sponsorship a couple for R950 for a weekend workshop.