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Different functions in the body of Christ

Charmaine Mahlagume

(Programme’s Manager)

I studied Geology by profession. I am a Speaker and an Entrepreneur. Due to my passion for serving people and contributing significantly in people’s lives and our nation, I joined a Non-Profit Organisation that gives me a platform to impact and transform lives. I am currently at Beginet, a Non-Profit Organisation that helps families in distress by promoting family stability and helping parents, couples and children to thrive.

I work as the programme’s manager as well as the community outreach and events coordinator. I also assist oom Deon in attending partnership development meetings, assist with proposal development and contribute to the overall strategic planning of Beginet. I co-ordinate and arrange at least 1 to 2 monthly functions on behalf of Beginet

Charmaine produces a weekly broadcast whereby she interviews successful business women as well as a prospective entrepreneur whom will then be mentored by business women. Through her show called Beyond Talk, three young women who aspire to be entrepreneurs are now sponsored and mentored by successful women owning companies of their own, and all this happened on the Beyond Talk platform after a couple of interviews with them. 

One of Charmaine’s strengths is that she is very passionate about the perception of life, entrepreurship and woman’s ministry. This cause her to intensify the research on her interviewees which helps produce informative podcast to be published on social media.

Charmaine is also a partner and a majority shareholder in a start-up company that produces chemical products called Hlweka. They pride themselves on employing chemical methods coupled with experience in the production field to find ways of making quality affordable products. The company is formed by 3 young chemical students who identified the gap in the market for more affordable products. The range consists of hair shampoo, hand sanitizer, foam bath, pine gel, tyre gloss and dishwasher. They are working towards creating 200 – 250 jobs within the next 3 years, they are also planning on including internship programs and good career opportunities for graduates and general workers. 

 My vision is to run a well-established organisation that helps marginalised and disadvantaged women who aspire to become leaders and influencers in their communities, and most importantly to run a mentorship programme where we challenge young women to be great leaders in their own right by equipping them with skills and knowledge that will groom them into influential young women.

She is involved in Stellar School of Integrity where she is a part time lecturer. This is an academy of leadership where the focus is on young single women where they do part-time training over a period of 16 sessions. The school challenges young women to pursue their purpose, to be driven and to exhibit a life of excellence and balance in all areas of their lives. They equip them with skills and knowledge that will groom them into influential young women.

“Only one life, it will soon pass. Only what’s done for Christ, will last.”

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