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Beginet’s Value Proposition

We are disrupting brokenness mahala, verniet, for free!

  • Define the problem set to vet whether the problem is worth solving

One of South Africa’s greatest challenges is the promotion of well-functioning families where children can grow up without experiencing any harm or emotional scars.

Broken people enter into relationships or marriage, which often resulting in pain and trauma experienced by the household. Many South African children grow up without a father or both parents and in some cases are raised by their grandparents, because of their parents’ brokenness. This brokenness is repeated when children that grow up in traumatizing circumstances reach adulthood.

Many South Africans experience extreme poverty, are unemployed, and lack a moral compass, which is not conducive to creating family stability. Most people in our society that need professional help cannot afford it, and therefore do not seek any assistance to address their challenges. This situation leads to adults and children becoming desolate and dispirited, which in turn becomes the breeding ground for moral decay, addictions and other forms of risk behavior.

An added obstacle coupled with the high prevalence of poverty is the extensive levels of financial illiteracy that people experience. Such illiteracy creates favorable circumstances for loan sharks and certain financial institutions to lend capital against an unaffordable interest rate. Reckless lending results in the largest part of our society being in a financial stronghold, which does not loosen its grip on the next generation.

Addiction in all forms is another sad reality of the South African society that has devastating effects on children, teenagers, adults and of course families. Such challenges put a tremendous burden on our society.

Beginet can offer a solution to address the brokenness of our society and its effects

Beginet offers an ideal and realistic solution for the gradual reconstruction of our broken society, where individuals, marriages, relationships and families experience constant pressure. This solution is FREE for everyone. Beginet implores a network of experts focused on the enrichment of individuals’ lives, marriages, parental guidance; family finances, teenagers, addictions and other problematic areas, by providing radio and video recordings that is distributed without cost via social media and the radio. This affords the opportunity for even the poorest people in our society with the least access to resources, to gain access to expert knowledge in issues related to the family, parenthood, marriage, finances, addictions, teenage problems and so forth.

Is fixing the problem unavoidable?

Many forms of expert and professional assistance are available to people. Unfortunately this kind of help and assistance is very costly and therefore inaccessible to most people. Often the professional help given, do not focus on all areas where people experience challenges in their lives. Some families and individuals can obtain help from their congregations, community centers or social services. These forms of assistance are usually only temporary. Many children receive help via services rendered at schools and youth centers whilst they are at the facility or school. Unfortunately, this form of support does not extend to the home environment, which is often plagued by many societal ills.  Beginet can fill this gap, in a cost effective way with a holistic approach.

Is the problem Urgent and underserved?

A practical solution, which is part of a holistic approach that can serve the masses in a cost effective way, is long overdue, is urgent and is indispensable. Beginet can offer a solution to this huge challenge and fill the gap by using the radio, social media, YouTube and mass gatherings.

  • Is this breakthrough unique and compelling?

Beginet has positioned itself in a white space where a problem that is both Blatant and Critical at the same time, can be addressed in an extremely cost effective and attainable way. This practical model as well as the vision of Beginet to be a organization that serve the people without cost, is unique and compelling.

Beginet provides a breakthrough in the following contexts:

  • Discontinuous innovations – offer transformative benefits over the status quo by looking at a problem and the solution to problem differently.
  • Defensible technology – offers intellectual property that can be protected to create a barrier to entry and an unfair competitive advantage.
  • Disruptive business models – yield value and cost rewards that help catalyze the growth of a business.
  •  What is the Gain/Pain ratio for potential customers to adopt following the Beginet-Way?

The Gain/Pain ratio involves measuring the gain you deliver to the customer vs. the pain and cost for the customer to adopt.

  • Gain:
  • Beginet provides free access to assistance related issues to enable and promote family stability. The material provided can be listened to and studied in one’s own time. It consists of quality programme content that is short and to the point.
  • Old and new radio and video recordings that is accessible online at any time.
  • A variety in content that is presented by various experts.
  • By providing the aforementioned, Beginet has a competitive advantage in the market place, versus individuals and businesses that provide help at a high cost,  as well as congregations that offer sporadic assistance to its members in the form of workshops or seminars. In contrast with a seminar or workshop that is only presented over a weekend, leaving people “at a high”, Beginet’s Programmes are presented weekly and is always new and accessible. Beginet can therefore provide support to people on a constant basis over a long period.
  • Pain:
  • The only expense to the recipient for this service is the cost of data, as opposed to the cost of a seminar or professional help. 
  • An extended challenge for some potential clients may be a lack of technology, for instance not having access to a smart phone, computer, effective data or line speed or radio, as well as the fact that Beginet’s Programmes are currently more often recorded in Afrikaans than in English.

The “Gain” that Beginet can provide outweigh the “Pain”, which therefore puts Beginet in a very favorable position to go from strength to strength. 

  • What is Beginet’s Value Proposition

Beginet can minister to any person that experience challenges in his or her unique circumstances and which have access to a radio or internet, free of any costs. This includes people of all walks of life, and in all phases of development – for instance teenagers, adults, those in love, married couples, parents, single parents, bad and good marriages, first or second marriages, very poor to very wealthy; anybody that has been affected by the brokenness of our world. 

       The largest part of our society needs help and hope, but cannot access it – both physically, and or financially. This situation results in most of society becoming desolate and desperate.

     Beginet’s service and products that we offer to the masses in order to promote family and community stability, is available to all, free of charge.

We are disrupting brokenness mahala, verniet, for free!

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