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Humble feedback from Board of Directors

Villiersdorp Marriage Seminar

Dear friends of Beginet

When we reflect over the past 15 months since the birth of Beginet, our hearts are filled with gratitude.  When we think of all the miracles, we have experienced, considering where we have started and the journey we have walked thus far, it reminds us of what a faithful God we serve.

The fact that Beginet is currently reaching about 400 000 people per week is nothing but grace and favour from God. To God alone be all the glory. The Board and I would therefore like to thank every one of you for your spiritual, emotional and financial support.

Beginet was founded on obedience to the calling of the Lord to promote family stability free to the masses. We have deeply experienced the reality of the words of Psalm 119:105 where it says:
“Your Word, is a lamp unto my feet and a light for my path”. As much as we have experienced several challenges along the way, by faith we keep believing in God for what He has called us to do.

By the grace of God, the following has been achieved:

As part of our journey, the Lord has also connected us with Carolyne Opinde, the founder of The NGO Whisperer, to assist us with professionally documenting strategies and plans that will help Beginet to have a greater impact. Carolyne Opinde is also assisting Beginet to get international exposure and reach a wider market.   

Furthermore, we are grateful that God has connected us with Charmaine Mahlagaume who has a passion and heart for what Beginet stands for. She joined the Beginet team four (4) months ago and together with Deon, the Lord gave them a great vision to transform, impact and change a nation. They realized that the nation of South Africa is still struggling with division amongst different cultures, races, in their households, family dynamics, in churches, religious organizations and in the workplace. All of this inspired them to think of a way to bring about unity amongst the nation of South Africa.

Acts of Reconciliation is what our people and country need to breach the gap of division. After long sessions of brainstorming, planning and prayer, they came up with the concept of starting a
“Let’s Reconcile” movement on social media. The purpose of the “Let’s Reconcile” movement is to promote social cohesion and nation building. Furthermore, to educate everyone living in South Africa about the importance of understanding every person’s brokenness, struggles and pain. This highlight the importance of forgiveness, unity, understanding of diverse races and culture and acknowledgement that we are ONE nation. 

This social media platform has been created to encourage all South Africans to start “actioning”
Acts of Reconciliation and to share their story (positive or negative) on this platform. While we learn from each other, we will also help everyone to stay in touch, while this wave of reconciliation transforms our beautiful country.

Considering all the positive results that Beginet is experiencing and its continued plans to make a difference, unfortunately finances remain our greatest challenge. We therefore want to be transparent with you since you have been supportive from the beginning.

Since the inception of Beginet, Deon has never received a salary from the ministry because of the financial difficulties we are facing. We believe that with your support, that can change.

As the Beginet family, we would like to thank each and every one of you for your continuous love, prayer and support. We however ask for the following assistance.

Beginet is in a position where it is struggling to keep the doors open due to financial challenges. We are humbly asking for your financial support.

Please note that everything Beginet does for the people, is for free. This includes marriage seminars, weekly Sunday messages and all the inspiring radio and video recordings. Your financial support helps with regards to office expenses and the running of our day to day ministry.

Your monthly or once off contribution would therefore be highly appreciated. Any donation, big or small, MATTERS.

You can donate in one of the following ways:

1.            Direct Bank transfer: Beginet, FNB Cheque Account, 62686775738,

2.            Monthly Debit order through the Loving Thy Neighbour (LTN) platform.

This can be done on the following link: http://bit.ly/2Azklog

(Take note that if you contribute through LTN, you will be issued with an Article 18A tax

exemption certificate on request)

We thank you in advance and may God continue to bless and show favour on you and your families.

Beginet Board of Directors

Deon van der Berg, Johan Botha, Rozanne Leyds, Nolitha Nkosi Tshabalala, Stephen Rademeyer and Charmaine Mahlagaume

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