2022: A New Dawn

2022 A new Dawn

It’s been two years since the advent of COVID-19 and the world at large is still recovering from its devastating socio-economic impacts. But the year 2022 brings with it new hope and possibilities. It’s an ideal time to set new goals for ourselves, which we hope will take us to the next level. Health, prosperity, and happiness are on top of many people’s agenda for 2022. A new dawn is needed because of the severe suffering experienced by many people over the past two years.

At Beginet, we believe that in all things God works for the good of those who love him and have been called according to his purpose (Romans 8:28). So, that is a good reason to hope in the Lord, even if it’s against all hope because that hope never disappoints or put us to shame (Romans 5:5). It’s important that we live in hope and not only be hopeful at the beginning of the year. We may not achieve some of the goals we planned for 2022 but we must take heart and know that God’s purpose always prevails. Then we will find renewed strength and hope to keep striving for progress and success.

Beginet can’t thank its donors and volunteers enough for their invaluable commitment and support towards its cause. Their contributions have kept Beginet going and without them none of our projects would have been successful. Donors and volunteers are the backbone of everything that happens at Beginet. Without them Beginet can’t keep providing hope and dignity to people who desperately need it. Together with our donors and volunteers we have done much more and positively impacted many people’s lives.

In 2021, our donors and volunteers helped us to donate 165 sets of reusable sanitary pads to underprivileged young girls and women in regions where Beginet operates. Also, Beginet deployed its resources to collect and distribute feed for sheep in areas of the Northern Cape which were drought-stricken for nine years. We provided much needed support to farmers and their workers, both white and black, in regions where Beginet operates.

Our donors’ contributions helped Beginet to donate food parcels to underprivileged and homeless people at a homeless shelter and pay school fees for farmers’ children in Boesmanland and the Karoo. Lastly, six laptops were donated to farmers’ children who are being home-schooled. Most of the children where using their parent’s cell phones to do research and other school activities, which is strenuous. Our work helped to change the children’s lives for the better because as Nelson Mandela said, ‘Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world’.

In 2022, Beginet intends to keep providing hope and dignity to the needy with its varied efforts. We have exciting projects lined up for 2022 and we are about to get the ball rolling. Again, we would like to thank our donors and volunteers for their continued support of our mission to courier hope and dignity across South Africa. You’re a great encouragement to us and your support keeps us going.


Thank You

Beginet Team

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