Giving is not just about making a donation. It is about making a difference.

Distributing food
It only takes one charitable donation to impact a person’s life positively and significantly. Far more than you can ever imagine. Your donations empower organizations like Beginet to be able to meet the daily needs of the poor.
You may think that your donation does not make much of a difference, but I guarantee you that it does. All donations are significant and go a long way in improving the lives of the poor.
You may not be able to donate money and that’s okay. There are other means to contribute to the cause of eradicating poverty. Look no further than your wardrobe. I’m sure there are clothes or blankets in there that you’ve been meaning to donate. Our homes tend to have things lying around that we don’t need and can donate. Also, you can donate your most precious resource: time. You can roll your sleeves up and volunteer at a homeless shelter.
You and I can become catalysts for change in our communities through our seemingly insignificant efforts. Let’s do it!
You can make your donation at:
Beginet NPC, FNB Cheque
Branch code: 250655

Beginet is a nonprofit organization run by a board of Directors. The board is very transparent about the receiving and spending of donations. The board makes sure that money is spent only for the project that it was donated.

Thank you very much for supporting Beginet now.

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