How to end period poverty for a school girl

Period Poverty

How to easily end the overwhelming period poverty for a girl or woman.

04 May 2021

A menstrual cycle, or often referred to as a “period”, is a source of paralyzing pain and shame for poor girls and women. Their inability to manage their menstruation in a hygienic manner is a cause for concern. The hard truth is that 3.5 million schoolgirls in South Africa cannot afford sanitary pads. These girls and women are often forced to choose between buying food to survive or sanitary towels.  Mostly, they prefer survival over hygiene to manage their periods.

In South Africa, poor girls and women go through tough times each month because they cannot afford to buy sanitary towels. They have no choice but to use rags, socks, toilet paper or even newspaper to manage their menstruation, making them vulnerable to disease. The inability to buy sanitary pads leads to a decline in girls’ school attendance, which negatively affects their performance.

Disposable sanitary towels are extremely unaffordable for poor girls and women, making it impossible for them to maintain good menstrual hygiene. That’s a hard truth. But there is no need for it to remain this way. This issue of affordability can be addressed. We can restore dignity for our girls and women by eliminating the choice of survival versus hygiene.

Please join hands with Beginet to help remove this affordability barrier for our girls and women.  Alone, we can do very little; together, we can restore the dignity of many girls and women.

Beginet together with Gracious Nubian has the answer to easily end this overwhelming period poverty for a girl or woman, one at a time. Gracious Nubian produces an innovative washable hygiene towel which can be reused for 2 years. It is cost-effective, reusable, elegant, beautiful, and feminine. It is also eco-friendly and does not contribute to environmental waste.

For only R 160, we can help one girl:

  • manage her menstruation in a hygienic manner;
  • Provide her the opportunity not to miss school;
  • Give her dignity and hope.

Beginet will focus on distributing these reusable sanitary pads among women and daughters of agricultural workers in the Karoo and Boesmanland.  Join hands with Beginet as we set out on a journey to end period poverty for these girls or woman.

Take our hand in distributing innovative washable hygiene, sanitary pads which can be reused for 2 years. It is cost-effective, elegant, beautiful, and feminine. In addition, it is environmentally friendly and does not contribute to environmental waste.

Make a donation of R160 to help a girl or choose how many girls you want to help end their period poverty.

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