#Let’s Reconcile SA Cycle Tour

Let' Reconcile Cycle Tour
Rev. Deon Van der Berg and Miss. Charmaine
Mahlagaume from Beginet will be cycling 2200
km from Beitbrug to Cape Town. The tour will
start on 12 March 2020 at Beitbrug and will
end on 23 March at Table Mountain.

Forgiveness and reconciliation can not change the past, but it does change the future.

The purpose of the Let’s Reconcile SA project in South Africa, is to promote social cohesion and nation building through innovative media that educates South Africans on the benefits of reconciliation and unity in all relationships, understanding of diverse races and cultures, and acknowledgement that we are one nation. We will achieve this goal through the following objectives:

Objective 1: Restore social cohesion among and within families, communities, the work place, racial and ethnic groups through our educate , understand and acknowledge model. Objective 2: Increase knowledge, attitudes and perceptions among South Africans on acts of reconciliation through reality shows.

Objective 3: To impact the news ecosystem in an integral way through the acts of reconciliation reality TV show and to create a social media hype where citizens will start to do acts of reconciliation, post it and challenge others to do the same.

Objective 4: Contribute to producing knowledge and data that will influence South Africans and other countries.

The purpose of the Cycling tour is:

  1. To raise awareness about the need of reconciliation in all our relationships;
  2. To promote social cohesion and nation building by educating South Africans on the benefits and importance of unity;
  3. To raise R3.2 million to implement the Let’s Reconcile project to impact the nation on a wider scale 
  4. To raise awareness of the upcoming Let’s Reconcile Project.

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