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Beginet bring hope to Karoo and Boesmanland farmers

We’re facing a colossal humanitarian crisis in the Northern Cape. Farmers came to an end of their ability to make plans to save their farms, care for their family and workers and their families. They really need our prayers, help and support. Although, in recent months during 2021, vast parts of South Africa have had rain – and some flooding – certain areas in the Northern Cape are now in their ninth year of drought, hence an urgent need for animal feed. Beginet NPC saw the need and roll up the sleeves to help during 2020.

“Never in my whole life had I experienced a drought like this one. This drought is absolutely devastating.” Sakkie Louw, Boesmanland Farmer
Piet Rosekrans who farms on “Gaan kyk” (Go see) in the Van Wyksvlei district proclaimed: “Drought is a hell of a thing”.  Indeed, drought is a hell of a heart rendering thing. Your tears also dry up because of too much weeping with the farmers of the drought-stricken Karoo and especially the Boesmanland.  Eight years brought an end to the ability to make plans, turned the erstwhile soft ear of the bank manager and the Coop manager deaf and emptied the coffers of the carefully planned nest-egg.    Most of the sheep producers have lost hope.  Every drop of hope has been wrung from all and sundry by the worst drought in 119 years. The greatest portion of the flock has died, the borehole’s are dry and some of the farmers do not have anything left to sell to pay workers or to purchase even a smidgen of the feeding of starving sheep.  Some farmers have even sold their furniture to make some kind of payment to workers. Farmers had to stretch their workers, their families and themselves and so did the rural towns, over the past nine years.  No one could budget for a drought of this magnitude.  It’s heart-breaking to see that for some of the farmers, the point of no return has come and gone and not even a deluge of rain will be able to reverse their situation.  Some of the sheep herds have been so far depleted that even over filled dams and green lush pastures would not enable them to become commercially viable in the near future. The outreach to the farmers is an ongoing project and Beginet NPC need all the support they can get. It can be in the form of an in-kind donations like transport to the Northern Cape, Lucern, silage, maize or any other quality food for sheep.

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