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Beginet Give hope to parents and kids by helping them with school fees. Nine years of a crippling drought in the northern Cape have meant financial ruin for many families. The need has gone beyond keeping farms going. The drought has now taken away the ability of fathers to provide a quality education for their children.
Beginet School Fund Logo
Beginet School Fund Logo
Beginet NPC’s School Fees Project aims to keep hope alive for a brighter future through continuing the education for these children. By lending support to 280 children, we can uphold proficient school systems where valuable teachers can be sustained and facilities that enhance learning maintained. The challenge to pay these fees is a mammoth task and we need every bit of assistance we can get.  to fully or partly sponsor a child. The School Fees Project ensures money is paid directly to the school each quarter in support of a child, or buying a syllabus for home schoolers. Money is not paid to parents and the Beginet NPC board will ensure assistance reaches those who need it most. Let’s open our hearts to help children of the Northern Cape reach their full potential. Sponsor education, give dignity, provide a future. Join hands with parents and Beginet NPC and help where you can. Joyfully support education

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