Drought relief: Karoo & Boesmanland

We are confronted with a colossal humanitarian crisis in the North Cape Karoo and Boesmanland. After nine years of a crippling drought, farmers came to an end of their ability to make plans to save their farms, care for their own family and workers and their families.

Drought relief in the Karoo and Boesmanland

Although, in recent months during 2021, vast parts of South Africa have had rain – and some flooding – certain areas in the Northern Cape are now in their ninth year of drought, hence an urgent need for animal feed. Beginet NPC saw the need and roll up the sleeves to help during 2020.

During this period of providing drought relief to some of the Karoo and Boesmanland farmers, we elicited more than R1.5-million worth of donations of fodder, as well as cash donations and other donations in kind. A total of 2128 tons of feed and silage were distributed to more than 100 farms, some of them belonging to emerging farmers. It’s an ongoing project as we keep on distributing any kind of feeding for sheep to farmers still suffering from a lack of rain.

Our involvement with these far-flung farming communities showed up another big need in the form of a lack of money for children’s school fees for 2021 and Beginet NPC are doing a fund-raising drive to assist parents paying the school fees.

The outreach to the farmers is an ongoing project and Beginet NPC need all the support they can get. It can be in the form of an in-kind donation like transport to the Northern Cape, Lucern, silage, maize or any other quality food for sheep.

Please don’t hesitate to contact Beginet.

Help Karoo & Boesmanland farmers survive

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